Male Extra Review And Results – Here’s What Happened..

Below is my Male Extra review and results!

I never used to have any problems in the sack but after turning 34 and almost lost my sex drive completely.

Maybe it was age, stress or just being with the same woman for over 10 years I didn’t know but I could barely get a hard on anymore.

I had no lead in my pencil as my old Grandad would say.

Me and my gf were having sex once a week if that and it wasn’t the good kind either, not when I could barely get it up all the way.

It was embarrassing and I knew I wasn’t satisfying my girlfriend, so something had to be done so I did what any normal man does these days and started Googling ways to fix the problem and that’s how I heard about these erection booster pills called Male Extra.

It’s a natural alternative to Viagra and works in a similar way because it increases nitric oxide which helps to relax the blood vessels in your penis and increase blood flow leading to rock hard erections.

That’s the theory anyway.

It has good reviews..

And it doesn’t require a prescription, so I thought I’d order a bottle and give it a try myself.

The usual price is $91.89 which is expensive, but they had it reduced (still is) to $64.95 and they had a discount coupon offer running so I got an extra 20% off so in total I only paid $51.96.

2 days later there was a knock at the door and my Male Extra was here.

(I didn’t tell my girlfriend either just in case it didn’t work I didn’t want to look like a fool.)

Does Male Extra Really Work?

On paper Male Extra looks awesome but does it really work in real life?

I can’t speak for everyone but for me at least the answer is yes!

First, although Male Extra increases nitric oxide production just like Viagra don’t expect instant results. I began to feel the effects within a few days.

Here’s how my experience with Male Extra went down:

  • First, I noticed I had sex on the brain a lot more.
  • Then on the 3rd day I got a huge stiffy out of nowhere in the evening when I was in bed with my gf. And it was a proper erection too. Not weak and flimsy like in the past. It was rock solid 110% hard and it looked about half an inch bigger than I had ever seen it before.
  • I was able to satisfy my girlfriend for the first time in ages and she even brought me coffee in bed the next morning. 😊
  • I wasn’t sure if this was a one off or whether it was just a coincidence but the next day I got rock hard again and my gf was so shocked she asked me if I had bought Viagra or something.
  • I began to feel like sex felt better too. I guess with more blood flowing into it the nerve endings were more sensitive making it more pleasurable.
  • I was able to keep an erection all during sex and despite it feeling better I found I was lasting longer too.

All of this continued for the full 30 days that I took Male Extra. It didn’t let me down and I was having regular sex which I think saved the relationship with my girlfriend.

The only problem is that I ran out a few days ago but it’s ok because I’ve just ordered more!

Male Extra Reviews

Here are some of the Male Extra reviews..

What Is Male Extra What Does It Do?

Male Extra is an alternative to Viagra. It contains only natural ingredients with no chemicals or negative side effects.

The main benefit is that it increases your sex drive, giving your rock-hard erections at the time you need them.

It costs $91.85 but most of the time they have a sale on where you can get it for $64.95.

The science behind how it works is that it increases nitric oxide production which increases blood flow to your penis resulting in erections.

It doesn’t work right away so don’t expect to pop the pills and get a hard-on. Instead it takes a few days for the ingredients to build up and take effect, re-igniting your sex drive so you’re ready to go 24/7.

Will Male Extra Make Your Dick Bigger?

That’s a good question and the honest answer is yes and no.

No, it won’t permanently make your dick bigger but yes because with more blood flowing into your penis it really does seem to make your erect penis bigger and thicker.

They say on the website that it will make your erect size 0.8 to 2.6 inches bigger.

Personally, I’ve not gotten anywhere near a 2.6-inch size increase, but my erections often look 0.5 to 1 full inch bigger than they used to be.

Who Is Male Extra For?

If you’re a man, then you will benefit from it. I mean what man doesn’t want bigger and harder erections?

If you’re a younger guy, then wanting to have fun then you will feel like a stud with Male Extra.

And if you can’t get it up then let me tell you.. Male Extra will transform your sex life and help you lead an active sex life better than anything you used to experience.

Male Extra Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

To find out how Male Extra works let’s look at the ingredients.

L-Arginine: This amino acid turns into nitric oxide in your body just like Viagra. This gives you an erection by relaxing the blood vessels within the penis and pushing more blood into it.

Ellagic Acid: Ellagic acid increases blood flow into your penis and reduces fatigue. Where the arginine opens your blood vessels the ellagic acid pumps more blood into your penis causing rock hard erections.

MSM: MSM helps to repair and grow new cells which is very helpful for older guys with erectile dysfunction because it helps to repair your penis from the inside at a cellular level.

L-Methionine: Helps to prevent premature ejaculation which means you will last longer in bed. It does this by slowing down the conversion of histidine into histamine which is an essential process for achieving an orgasm. By slowing this process down you will last longer in the sack!

Zinc: Most men who suffer from weak erections or erectile dysfunction also have low levels of zinc. Male Extra contains a healthy dose of zinc to get to get your zinc levels back in range and get your erections raging again

Cordyceps: In one study 64% of participants who took Cordyceps reported an improvement in their erections.

Niacin: According to there was a study on 160 men with erectile dysfunction to see if it made a difference. 80 took Niacin and 80 took a placebo. The guys who took Niacin reported a significant improvement in their ability to get and maintain an erection.

The placebo users on the other hand didn’t notice any improvements concluding that Niacin is a powerful ingredient to help you get and maintain an erection.

Dr. Chi-Fai Ng – The leader of the study said: “The exciting thing about this finding, is that niacin is a very old drug and the safety of it is quite well-documented. Basically, it’s just a vitamin, and so this would be a very simple way to improve erectile function.”

Questions and Answers About Male Extra

Here’s some answers to the common questions being asked about Male Extra:

How long does it take for Male Extra to work? It took 2-3 days for me to feel the effects. They say on the website that it can take several weeks to feel the benefits. Personally, I think you will feel the effects much sooner than that.

Will it make my dick bigger? Yes, it does make your erections bigger but doesn’t do much to flaccid size. I find my erections are usually ½ to 1 inch bigger than they used to be.

What happens if I stop using it? It will take a little while but if you stop using it the results will wear off.

Is it safe to use? Yes, the ingredients in Male Extra are all safe and well-studied but if you have a serious medical condition then you should probably check with your doctor first or at least cross check the ingredients against your medicine to make sure Male Extra won’t affect it.

What if it doesn’t work for me? They also have a 60-day money back guarantee which is plenty of time to give it a try!

What You Can Expect From Male Extra

At first you may be wondering if it’s working or not because the effects aren’t instant. It’s not like Viagra instead it takes a few days for the ingredients to build up then take effect.

Here’s what you can expect to happen:

  • First, you’ll notice your sex drive goes up and you begin to think about sex more.
  • Then you’ll start getting frequent erections when you’re turned on. They may not be rock hard right away but you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Then you’ll notice your erections are rock hard whenever you get them and bigger than ever before.
  • You’ll also be able to keep it up through the full duration of sex as if you’ve got a big metal rod keeping your dick up.
  • You’ll feel more pleasure and last longer too.
  • You’ll put a smile on your partners face and both have a great time!

Whether you want rock hard, throbbing erections or just the ability to get it up like you used to again I think you’ll be happy with Male Extra and if you’re not then they have a 60-day money back guarantee!

You can get $26.90 off when you purchase Male Extra from the official website here!

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