5 Reasons to Start Your Day with A Morning Run

Morning Run

You wake up in the morning to a refreshing shower, a nutritious shake, and a heavy dose of vitamins.

It’s clear that taking care of your body is important to you.

And although you take action each morning to improve your wellbeing, it’s sometimes easy to neglect one of the most critical steps of all.

The step I’m referring to is MOVEMENT, and that’s where running comes in.

In fact, recent studies have shown that individuals who run live approximately 3 years longer than those who do not.

Not a bad reward for simply waking up in the morning and moving your feet forward.

So, is there any other benefits of running besides adding years to your life?

The answer: ABSOLUTELY!

There are many reasons why you should start your day with a morning run. It can improve every aspect of your life. Just ask any experienced runner. They will tell you about the positive impact running has had on them.

And it all starts the moment you open your eyes in the morning. The morning, in my opinion, is the best time to run. So, read on to learn 5 reasons why you should start your day with a morning run.

1. Boost Energy Levels

Newton’s first law of motion tells us that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest.

Simply put, movement creates more movement! It provides you with MOMENTUM.

Now instead of walking in the office feeling tired, weak, and sluggish, you’ll strut to your desk energized, smiling, and ready to work.

That’s right. No jump start needed. No wasting time by the coffee pot. You’ve already primed the pump. You’re ready to go!

When you run first thing in the morning, you gain momentum for your day. You get the advantage. And suddenly, instead of your morning seeming like a high mountain to climb, it becomes more like an open staircase to walk down.

So, whether you are spending your day at the house or on the job, a morning run will only help. 

Run in the morning to increase your energy and watch your whole life change for the better.

2. Massively Increase Productivity

What’s the number one resource we all wish we had more of?

The answer: TIME

Life is short, so our time is precious. Plus, there are only so many hours in a day. That’s why it’s worthwhile to save your time wherever you can.

Look…the fact is, as human beings, we need to exercise. We must spend time on physical activity. Working out strengthens our heart, lungs, and muscles. Exercise also regulates weight, improves mental health, and increases energy. Simply put, exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle.

And although exercising takes time, you can still be strategic. For example, by waking up to a morning run, you avoid a trip to the gym.

In this way, you save time on packing your bag, driving to the gym, and walking to different equipment. You won’t have to wait in lines, drive back from the gym, or go through any other time-consuming activities.

Yes, strength training is essential for your overall health. And the gym is the best place for this type of anaerobic activity. But you should split up your week with aerobic activity as well, like going for a morning run.

Unless you are performing sprints, running is an aerobic activity. It’s where your endurance grows.

So, place your shoes next to your bed, wake up, and go run. It takes no time at all. Exercising should be a simple process. And what’s simpler than running?

There’s no fuss, no system, no headaches. You wake up and move your feet forward.

What a simple process running can be.

Run in the morning to save time, and you will become much more productive.

3. Lose and Regulate Weight

If you wake up and run on an empty stomach, you teach your body to burn fat efficiently. The theory is that your body has much less glucose to burn in the morning. This leaves you with only body fat available.

Sure, the process is a bit more complicated than that, and you can read more about fat adaptation later. However, allow me to speak from experience. Running on an empty stomach is one of the best ways to lose and regulate weight. Not only that, but you can become a fat adapted runner and leave your old life as a sugar-dependent runner behind.

In my book “The Fat Adapted Formula,” I write…

“When every step of your run begins to feel like the first step of your run, you have mastered fat adapted running.”

And you know what? I believe that even more today than when I first wrote it. I say that because since then, I’ve only run longer pushing my fat adapted metabolism even more. As a result, I ran one of the farthest races in the world, that is, a 200-mile ultra marathon.

Becoming fat adapted has provided incredible benefits to my running and life. Whether that’s dropping my race weight, running farther with less effort, a reduction in sugar cravings, or even a sharper focus. Fat adaptation takes time, but if you put in the work, it can be a game changer.

Call it “fat adaptation,” “low carb-high fat,” or “Keto.” Regardless of the terminology, they all refer to the same thing. When a runner lives a low carb-high fat lifestyle, they teach their body to burn fat primarily as fuel. And it all starts with a fasted morning run.

So, run in the morning to become a fat adapted runner, and the fat will likely come off and stay off for good.

4. Be Safer and Less Stressed

As a long distance runner, we spend a lot of time running on the road. Even if you run on trails, you are likely running through town to your local park. So, I think it’s fair to say almost all runners have at least some experience as a road runner.

And as such, you’ve likely noticed that as the day gets later, the traffic becomes heavier. Plus, if you’ve ever sat in rush hour traffic, you know how hectic driving can become. Stressful drivers lead to stressful driving, and stressful driving leads to stressful situations like accidents.

Here’s the point, as a runner, it’s better to stay as far away from traffic as possible.

Well, when you run in the morning, you avoid traffic. In fact, if you wake up early enough, you may be fortunate to have a wide-open road to train on.

Running on the road without cars is like having your own personal marathon course. It’s like the streets are blocked off just for you. It can be a lot of fun.

Who knows, without all the added commotion, you may find yourself running a personal best.

There are mornings I go to sleep only for a few hours and wake up well before sunrise. Whether I’m out the door at 1, 2, 3, or 4 AM, the early morning is a peaceful time to run. Not to mention, it’s an advantageous time in the summer if you want to avoid the sun on hot days.  

So, run in the morning to avoid stressful situations, and you will be safer because of it.

5. Reach Larger Goals

Doesn’t it make you feel good to accomplish something? A goal, a chore, a task…anything.

Whether it’s as small as doing the dishes and making your bed or as big as finishing a training program and crossing the finish line of a marathon. For most of us, achieving a goal makes us happy.

Well, that’s what your morning run will do. Finishing a run provides a sense of accomplishment at the beginning of your day. You will develop good habits like finishing what you start. You learn to take action from the beginning to the end. You now own your day!

Soon you don’t let external circumstances dictate your life. You become more proactive and eager to achieve your goals. And why not? You are a finisher. You wake up and take the day by the horns. You are now a “go-getter.”

This new attitude starts in the morning; it starts with your morning run.

When you get into the routine of running in the morning, your goals come easier. You develop determination, perseverance, and the will to succeed. You have time to organize your thoughts and find clarity in what you want in life.

Running in the morning makes you feel like an accomplished person, and you will reach more of your goals because of it.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Once you start running in the morning, you may never go back. Running is medicine, running is health, running is life. It’s your physician and your therapist; your inspiration and your solace; your freedom and your roadmap.

When you start your day with a run, you find joy in the moment and happiness in your life. Running can be so much more than exercise. It can be a simple action that radically shifts your entire life in a more positive direction.

So, wake up tomorrow and go for a run. Make it a must. Don’t give yourself any other option. Sure, it takes some extra work up front. But after a few weeks of pushing your way through it, your morning run becomes a habit. And when this occurs, you reap what you sow. Meaning, you will experience all the benefits of running from your new morning routine. And the benefits I listed on this page are only the start!

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