Dear J.J. Abrams

A lot was at stake. Another Star Wars movie was in the works. Would it be iconic like the originals? Or embarrassing like the prequels? Like any good fan, we were worried.

Rather than watch another Star Wars travesty unfold, we decided to chime in. Storytellers ourselves, we figured we might be able to contribute some insight as to what made the original Star Wars stories so compelling.

So we made JJ a video. The message was simple: Make sure the new movie plays by the rules of the original trilogy, not the prequels. Alongside the video, we released an online petition to get our message directly to Disney studios.

The video came together over the course of several months. Because it was purely a passion project, a lot of the work happened after hours and on weekends. We vetted multiple visual styles and several ‘rulesets’ before settling on the ones that made it into the final video.

To celebrate the campaign, we had no choice but to throw a Star Wars-themed launch party, complete with characters from the original trilogy.

We gave an exclusive launch of the video and within 48 hours, it had nearly a quarter of a million views. By the end of the month, it would have over a million views. It garnered us press in Adweek, Mashable, NPR, LA Times, and Fast Company. Perhaps best of all, JJ called to personally thank us for the video.

As Star Wars fans, we're happy. Not only did JJ follow the letter of our rules, he followed the spirit. Episode VII looks and feels like a natural extension of the original trilogy. It’s set in the frontier, it’s grungy, old, mysterious, and dammit, there’s nothing cute about it.

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