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Dear J.J. Abrams

Four rules for making Star Wars great again

The Truth

We start every project reminding ourselves of a commonly shared truth:

Great Storytelling Takes Conviction

The Opportunity

Then we find an opportunity to create value for the brand and the consumer.

Sincerely Truman wants to remind us what made Star Wars a great story and create a social movement to pressure Disney into making Star Wars great again.

Value for Consumers

We wanted to create a social movement based on great original content that was both entertaining and educational and hopefully play a small part in making Star Wars great again. For everyone.

Value for the Brand

We wanted to introduce Sincerely Truman’s competency as storytellers and strategists in order to win more work from brands who share our convictions.


The Process

The Sincerely Truman team first asked,
“What made Star Wars great originally?”

storynotes storynotes storynotes

We landed on the top four rules that made Star Wars great and decided to make a short animated video that explained those rules.


We wanted these rules to get Disney’s attention so we designed a campaign around supporting the rules, and opening the movement to all who agree with them.


We made the video.


We threw a pre-launch private-screening party.


We offered io9 an exclusive on the launch of the video along with a Q&A from our main writer, Prescott Harvey, out of respect for their status in the world of SciFi and steady attention to Star Wars-related news.

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You can join the cause by clicking the link below, watching the video, and adding your name to the list. WWHD?

hanquote Dear JJ Abrams

To watch the video
and get more info, visit
Dear J.J. Abrams


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